Monday, July 20, 2015

Chapter Five

"Where is he?" the horse asked for the fiftieth time.
Amelia sighed. Foxes weren't generally known for their patience, but she had tons of it. "We've only been waiting for ten minutes."
Sophie clopped around the ledge, but abruptly came to a stop. "There he is!" She watched in horror as he looked to them but collapsed suddenly.

He averted his eyes and looked to the sky. There it was! Amelia's pet bird was circling above the cliff.
All of the lesser alphas had a sign to let the others know where they were. Amelia's was her bird, Harper's was the glow on her necklace, and his was his power. His element was earth, one of the most powerful ones. He was drained from his travels, but managed to make a small whirlwind of sand before he collapsed.

She poked her head over the water, but immediately went down. Sand stung her eyes. She swam back a distance, then looked again. She watched as the tornado grow larger, and then fell with a shaking explosion.
As she resurfaced, the dust cleared and she saw the beaches of Crystal Sands, now ruined. So much for the easy way...

She gasped as she watched the penguin fall into a cloud of sand. "What happened?" she cried.
"I'm not sure, but we've got to find out!" Amelia called, already climbing down the ledge.
Sophie gently followed, trying not to fall into the chasm below them. When they finally reached the bottom, he was nearly dead. she exchanged a worried look with Amelia. "We have to get him back to the water!" she whispered urgently. Amelia nodded, but before they could do anything, a shadowy figure leapt through the air, and landed right in front of them.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chapter Four

Harper looked straight at Marco. "Are you crazy? We can't possibly find the queen of the ocean! We're just two regular jammers!"
"Quite the contrary, for even though you may never have felt like it, you two are alphas." Poseidon said with surprising calmness. "Graham is enraged. He has been searching for you for so long, that I think he might kill you, so you will have to carry out the underwater part of the plan."
"Underwater PART?" Marco said, bewildered. "But she's a dolphin. How could she have left the ocean?"
"Marco, we created the oceans of Jamaa the way Mira and Zios made the lands. But don't you think we would've needed to be able to walk on land before the oceans were created? Even though I am usually a seal and Venus is usually a dolphin, we can change to any animal, just the way Zios could." Poseidon explained. "To carry out our plan, Marco will have to go to Crystal Sands, but immediately take refuge in the Canyons Pathway. Amelia and Sophie will be waiting there, as they were the only ones who could get away. After you get to the Epic Wonders cavern and search Coral Canyons, you must move on to Sarepia Forest. There, you will split up."
"SPILT UP!" Harper screamed. "How can you possibly expect them to do this without the others?"
Poseidon's mouth quivered, but he said "Listen, young one. Marco will go to Mt. Shiveer while Amelia and Sophie head to the Jamaa Township. They will search all the lands from there, then help Venus until Mt. Shiveer, where Marco will have dug out the tunnel to Crystal Sands. Marco and Venus will dive in the Ocean while Amelia and Sophie hide in Captain Meville's Juice Hut. You will be waiting there, and the three of you will come to the palace of the ocean."
They were silent for a while until Marco turned to Harper. "It's a good plan." he said.
Harper sighed. She knew she was outvoted. "Fine. When do we start?"

Friday, April 17, 2015

Chapter Three

The light cleared, and it came into Marco's vision. He gasped.
The old seal smiled. "Hello, young ones. Yes, I exist, yes, I look older than my statue shows me, all that, but I have more important business with you."
"What could you possibly want with us?" Harper asked. In all the excitement, Marco had almost forgotten she was there.
Poseidon's smile vanished. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, before finally saying "Venus has been kidnapped."
Marco and Harper turned to face each other. Venus, dolphin, beauty, queen of the sea, had been kidnapped? "That's impossible!" Marco exclaimed at the same time Harper forcefully said "Who did this?"
Poseidon sighed, seeming to age another thousand years at the same time when he replied "My young penguin, I didn't think it was possible either until it happened. And Harper, I believe it was Tavie. Who else is working with the alphas from under the ocean?"
Marco thought about that for a moment.
"What do we have to do?"

The turtle darted through the rogue waters. aware that every creature was her enemy. Even if they wanted to help her, they couldn't. Could let make it on land? The furthest she could go was to the surface of Bahari Bay. But that wasn't enough. She was aiming big. No sea animal had done something like this before, but if anyone could, it would be her. It had to be. Sharks and dolphins would die on the spot, and octopi wouldn't survive a day. It had to be her.
She needed to get to Mt. Shiveer.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chapter Two

Marco struggled to escape, but the creature held him tightly. Where were they going? he wondered. They reached the mouth of a cave, and he was pulled in. Marco fell to the floor with a thud. "What do you want, Tavie?" he asked through gritted teeth. The figure slowly came into the tiny bit of light shining in. He gasped as he realized who it really was.

"Harper?" he asked in disbelief.

"You're okay!" she cried as she embraced him. "I thought for sure they had got you!"
"I thought the same about you" he said. " When the entrance to the cave opened up and Graham came in, I thought he caught you."
"He almost did, but old monkey was no match for me" she puffed proudly. "But the others", she continued with a faltering voice, "we have to go back for them!"
"We will." Marco assured her. But even he wasn't sure they could. It was the two of them against the seven major alphas, not mention, they had all their blind followers. Could they really do it?
He didn't have time to tell her all this because at that moment, a bright light filled the room. He shielded his eyes as the mist cleared and he got his first glimpse at what was causing it.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chapter One

Marco peeked out the cave. The target was approaching fast. He gulped. It was now or never. He jumped out, frightening it, and pecked through it with his beak.

The fish was dead.

He had food for the first time in days. As he thankfully ate it, he kept a watch out. Even though the other alphas couldn't come into the seas themselves, they had allies. Tavie could swoop in any moment.

Why was he scared?

Because Liza and Greely had been chasing him for days now. he'd left the seal cavern in Mt. Shiveer after they were invaded and Harper was taken. After running to Sarepia Forest and staying in the Flag Shop for a few days, he had to go into the township. He tricked them into thinking he was heading to The Temple of Zios, but really slipped back into the forest and back to Shiveer. He took the cave to Crystal sands and dove into Kani Cove through the aquarium. After making it to Bahari Bay, he had hidden between seaweed.

Why were they alpha's chasing him?

Because they were evil. Liza, Greely, Sir Gilbert, Graham, Cosmo and Peck had been after the other alphas forever and with Tavie's newfound help, even the water was dangerous. They ad no idea wy they were being chased, but they had gotten used to hiding. So used to it that there was no memory of them but rock statues carved so crudely it made them reconcilable
This way jammers wouldn't recognize them.
Lost in his train of though, a flipper reached down, picking Marco up. His widened, but it was too late. The fish carried him away as his food fell down into the Deep Blue.